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The following MRI images of the extent of ADEM found in Steve Schoner's brain.

All images are reversed. The left hemisphere is presented on the right in all of these



January 06, 2003

This was the initial presentation of ADEM on Jan.6th, 2003. The white area is

the affected portion of the left brain hemisphere. Persons with this much

involvement usually die. Note that the left brain hemisphere is on the right in this

image, and that it is putting pressure on the right hemisphere which is left in this



Jan. 9th, 2003. ADEM had advanced and I am in a coma. The corpus collosum

and right brain hemishpere are compressed by brain swelling. By this time ADEM

has progressed to the brain stem, and both sides of the occipital lobe


Jan. 29 th, 2003. 19 days after the brain biopsy. White area and black spot are

the results. Three fragments, nearly a cubic inch, of the left hemisphere were removed.


Jan. 29 th, 2003. Another view of the biopsy area. White area and black spots

are where the brain matter has been removed.


Nov 29th, 2004. Brain biopsy site is clearly visible in the white area of this image.


Nov. 29, 2004. Another image of biopsy Note the white area, and a

diffuse white haze around it, residual ADEM related demyelination.


Nov. 29, 2004. Image showing brain shrinkage and abnormally enlarged.

corpus collosum on one side. Note dividing line between the two hemispheres.


Nov. 29, 2004. Note the enlarged corpus collosum, and a diffuse white haze

around it-- Residual ADEM related demyelination.


Nov. 29, 2004. Another image of biopsy from left side. No brain in

dark wedge up and to the right of the eye socket where brain was

removed in biopsy. Skull above it is dark in this image where it was removed.


Nov. 29, 2004. Image of the dent in my head in cross section. White band

is my skin. Skull below was trepanned, and a 3" x 2.5" piece of skull removed

for the biopsy. Three samples were removed from this area.